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Calculate how many bags the Allkaz machines pay for.

How is it done


Cost of the sand?

1) The cost of sand: We use the example of 1m ³ of sand with the total weight of 1,400 kg. When bagged they generate 70 bags of 20kg or 56 bags of 25kg and so on. To know the cost of sand per bag, take up the cost of the sand meter and divide by the number that bags this meter yields, so we have the cost of the sand that contains the packaging. EX: If you bag 20kg and have a cost of r$28 per m³ of sand, your cost of 20kg of sand will be 28/70, i.e. £ 0.40.

2) Packing cost: Customized Miraplast packages of 20kg and 25kg for example, range from R $0.34 to r$0.42 cents. We used an average cost for each pack of r$0.40.

3) Labor cost: As the Ensaca has high productivity, most often works by taking advantage of the idle time of employees, ie when there is nothing to do, not having labor cost. Even so we use in the example as cost of two employees R $6,000 divided by the month productivity of the bag that is 50,000 bags, thus having R $0.12 per sack.

Total cost of the Sand = Sand Cost + R $0.40 + R $0.12

How many sandbags do you pay for the machine?

Sales Price-Total cost = Profit per bag.

In the example we consider the purchase of a large ensaca, which requires an investment of $19.980, takes the value of the investment and divides by the profit per bag, resulting in the number of bags to obtain the return of the investment.

Monthly profit?

Monthly Profit = Sales Volume month x profit per bag

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