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High productivity machine with over 100 machines
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in Brazil and abroad bagging the dough CBUQ.
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New for filling nursery and pot seedlings
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  • Sand-packing machine, mortar, gravel, clay, organic fertilizer, Earth, cold asphalt, dry and damp granulates. Optimizing processes.


Highly productive semi-automatic machine, ideal for bagging from 04 to 60 kg.


High productivity machine, ideal for bagging from 10 to 60 Kg.


Ideal machine for bagging volumes from 4 to 40 Kg, filling with loaders or bobcats.


Ideal machine for bagging volumes from 04 to 40 Kg.


Ideal machine for filling whether 100g to 15kg bags of nursery and pot seedlings, silo filling manually or by mats.

Rotary Sieves

Rotary sieve to optimize your production process.

Sieve 60

Sieve 60 cm in diameter and 1 meter long, produced without axis and without radius, increasing its efficiency by 20% compared to other sieves on the market. With coupled funnel.

Sieve 1

Sieve 1 meter in diameter and 2 meters long, produced without axis and without radius, increasing its efficiency by 20% compared to other sieves in the market. It has coupled supply funnel.

Pedal Sealer

Pedal sealer double solder, with thermostat for temperature regulation.

Allkaz products are designed and manufactured obeying the strictest quality standards.

Allkaz quality is found throughout the range of equipment that sells, among them, the bagging lines, pedal sewers and rotating sieves.

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31 Oct

European certificate

The European Declaration of Conformity (EC) is required for export and marketing to European countries, it covers beyond ABNT standards and EnSaca is already adequate, the first machine for Europe is already leaving for Las Palmas - Spain.

08 Aug

Santa Catarina company starts exporting to Europe after consulting with Sebrae / SC

With innovation, efficiency and fast return on investment solutions, Allkaz is alleviating the turbulence in the economy and recording surprising results.

04 Feb

Shipment of Machines

On February 24, a truck with 11 machines was shipped to Uruguay, and two more machines left, which were delivered by hand to the states of Paran√° and Rio de Janeiro.

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Meet all customers who have already purchased Allkaz products and confirm their testimony as to the profit margins on the investment realized. Our customers have every reason to celebrate.

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