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In November 2011 Valter Biason, commercial representative, and Jonas Oliveira, owner of Oliveira Construction Material, talked about business when Jonas reported that he sold lots of sand in the neighborhood of Canto da Lagoa in Florianópolis and the only Means of transport were boats. When there was a request for more than a thousand bags, he had to rent another deposit and relocate his people to take care of bagging that amount of sand. The company turned into chaos and disruped other activities. There was no way to solve the problem!

Valter realized that other deposits of construction materials went through the same difficulty, that is, bagging large amount of sand generated chaos, loss of productivity and destabilized customer service. Thinking about this problem faced by the deposits, Valter calls his brother Volni and asks what he thinks of developing together a sand bagging machine. The machine should have low cost x benefit to meet your clientele, ease in handling and speed in bagging.

After several studies, the two completed the project. The sand Bagger would have the best cost x benefit of the market, all machine feeding would be directly in the silo and made with loader, not through conveyor. I would also count on a safety device to prevent accidents.

In February 2012 the first three-phase machine was ready to bag sand and gravel. When the tests were started with mortar, the high adhesion did not allow it to descend with fluidity and formed caves inside the silo. Several tests were made such as: with Springs, Formica inside the silo, blades, but the problem persisted. So, Valter had the idea to put a vibrator for the mortar to descend and this was enough to work perfectly.

The tests continued successfully and the second machine this time Monophasic was assembled in June 2012.

For the last test were bagged 21000 bags of 30kg in Rafia in a month and a half. This could be smaller due to some periods of time instability precluding the outdoor sand bagging. (Video machine) After this test it was observed that nothing happened and she is in perfect state of use in Rio Grande do Sul (DR bagged).

After numerous tests and confirmed the excellence of the machine, the process of dissemination and sale of the same was initiated.

In December 2012 it was developed and delivered the organic fertilizer bagging machine, lower and with silo with capacity of 2.8 m³.

After having invented, patented and commercialized more than 80 units of SacAreia, Valter Biason received some requests from the manufacturers of wet mortar (plaster) for a equipment to bag cement with 1 kg.

Construction material store owners also wanted equipment to pack in addition to cement such as sand and gravel in sizes smaller than 20 kg.

Organic fertilizer producers manually bagged packs of 3 and 5 liters (1.2 and 2 kg) and needed the same equipment.

In Rio de Janeiro the sand packs are 12 kg. The SacAreia did not meet these demands.

Began the development of the EnSaca for this were included some assumptions to meet the demand as:

• Light and easy locomotion equipment;

• Could be supplied manually;

• With spare parts normally found in the trade;

• Narrow to allow passage through doors of 80 cm;

• Bagging dry and damp granulates as well as powdered products;

• Working with weights from 1 to 20 kg;

• With packaging above 15 cm wide;

• Had storage capacity of more than 1m ³ of material;

• Width of the silo above 2m to be fueled by a compact loader (Bobcats);

Single phase

• Sealing on site;

• That it had a packaging door;

• Loose sealing machine.

Due to these assumptions and due to the particularity of each bagger was defined that the bag would be marketed by Parties:


• Bag door;

• Coupled sealing machine;

• Auxiliary Silo;

• Pedal sealing Machine.

When the prototype was ready, it was put into test and bagged 80 tons of cement in bags of 5 kg for 2 months. After that, 40000 packs of organic fertilizer in the volume of 3 liters (1.2 kg) were drawn for 3 months. Without presenting structural and mechanical problems was made the second machine that is in the video and started the commercialization.

The product was so good that the new modifications were transferred to the old SacAreia and a new equipment was created the Ensaca 2015 with the following features:

• V-shaped trough with higher volume and better direction of the material be packed;

• Faster transmission system, more agile flow;

• Increased productivity;

• Balance with correct positioning, weight accuracy;

• Height of 2 m width of 1.80 m without the extenders, can be supplied by Bobcat, treadmill or even manually;

• Silo with thicker plate avoiding cracks or even cracking;

• Silo with correct slope;

• 2.60 m wide Extenders for supply by large loader and extending the capacity to 3 m³;

• Vibratory system sent according to the type of material to be packaged;

• Quieter vibratory system;

• Two armored engines avoiding entry of material inside;

• System that holds adjustable packaging;

• Discharge funnel with diameter of 18 cm for packaging above 29 cm;

• And the best with price and conditions more affordable than the previous machine.


To be a world reference in granular bagging machines.


Act ethically and morally in all activities involved by the company, generating jobs and economic growth for customers, partners and employees, always observing the ustainability


Develop ergonomic products that reduce labor, increase productivity without maintenance, and generate financial return for customers.


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